Jim A. James

For business owners who want to sell their business, 
without them in it, by building a market leading brand.

Only 20% of businesses get sold. To be one of them, an entrepreneur has to build a company that external buyers to existing staff members want to buy.

To do that, the business has to generate revenue without the founder.

This is my story.

After 27 years, I sold my service business.

I started my business at the age of 27, leaving the UK to be an entrepreneur in Singapore. The Agency served me very well, and I set up in China too.

However, I realised the business owned me; I had traded job security for excitement.  

As the years drew on, I knew that I had to work on the business, not in the business. So I built a brand and systems so that leads would come in, and employees could deliver. I could earn the profits.

In 2022, at age 55, I was ready to sell the Company to the next generation of leaders.

They wanted the brand and systems I created because they could enjoy the credibility and inbound deal flow.

I can help you to build the marketing system which will liberate you from being the main source of business, and that in turn means that you will have a business to sell.

Where next for you and your business?

The best time to think about making an exit from your company is when you are still enjoying it. Preparing a business to sell takes time, and marketing one does too. Think about the options now, and take action to build the brand without any delay.

Unless you are happy being one of the crowd.

There are always bystanders, and that's fine. It's just not who this mastermind is for.

Join the mastermind if you want these results.

Identify ways to build the brand.

Generate leads without you.

Become free of the business.

The investment.

How often do you invest in your own success?

It's time to spend money on getting the support that you need so that you can benefit from being the business owner.

Monthly payments

£1,176 per year.

£98 monthly.

Don't wait to book your place.

We start new groups only at the beginning of each quarter. 

Each group has 8 entrepreneurs - that's the optimal number for a mastermind.

This means that if you wait, you may not get into a mastermind when you need it most - Now.

I don't want you to miss out, so please register today.