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  • I help entrepreneurs 

    to get noticed 

    using the 

    power of podcasts.

    At 17, I took a leap of faith by jumping out of a plane. That exhilarating parachute stunt not only taught me the power of publicity but also set the stage for a career focused on generating profits through strategic exposure. For the past 25 years, I’ve thrived as an expatriate entrepreneur, creating and growing businesses across diverse industries including public relations, automotive, digital media, beverages, and coaching.

    Now based in the UK, I host The UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast, which ranks in the top 2.5% globally with over 850 episodes. I’ve also authored three books under Wiley’s Capstone imprint, each designed to empower entrepreneurs to gain the recognition they deserve.

    I understand what it takes to convert listeners into valuable leads.

    I offer a detailed course and personalized consulting to help you harness the power of podcasts for your business. 

    Ready to leverage podcasting for your growth? 

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