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My mission is to help entrepreneurs to get noticed for what they do.

And to do that, I don't believe that I am the best source of advice. I learnt through 7 years in the Entrepreneur Organization that peer group sharing is most powerful way to share experiences.  I was the founding President of EO Beijing (2009) which I started with my good buddy Rich Robinson.

When I came back from Asia in 2019 after 25 years in Asia, and when COVID hit in 2020 I decided to start the podcast to carry on this mission. 

Within 3 years the show has reached the top 3% of podcasts worldwide, and I've interviewed over 300 entrepreneurs. As a result of the podcast I've published 2 books, and have approaching 1,000 episodes on podcast platforms and on Youtube.

The show is an interview format, and I invite entrepreneurs to share how they get noticed. Started during lockdown in my garden shed, the podcast is a source of valuable marketing insights for business owners with countless free tips, tools and encouragement to build a brand without an expensive agency.

Below is an RSS feed of the latest episodes but if you click the link below you can go to the dedicated podcast website and see the shows, guests and articles. You can also submit an application to be a guest on the UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast too.