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Guest speaker, host and moderator. 

Audiences are looking to hear from a speaker who can inform, inspire and entertain them. With over 30 years of starting, running, selling and closing businesses around the world, I have a few stories that I can share. 

I have spoken on stages in the UK, Singapore, China, India, America to name a few.

My thoughts have appeared on television, radio, podcasts and print.

As a host of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast, I am comfortable on the mic and in front of the camera.

With my own social media following, and public relations background, I can also help to bring an audience when it is needed.

Jim has built businesses from a suitcase on 3 continents over 25 years, all using public relations. His first brush with gettingnoticed was at 18 when he jumped out of a plane in return for sponsorship and received expedition equipment in return for media publicity. He hasn’t stopped this model of brand+business building ever since.

Having grown up in Europe, Africa and America, it was perhaps inevitable that Jim would move to Singapore at the age of 27 to start his first company, EASTWEST Public Relations. Since 1995 the B2B agency opened offices in Singapore, China, India and the UK serving over 500 clients. In China between 2006–2019, Jim built the business importing and distributing Morgan Motor Company cars, was interim CEO of Lotus, Vice Chair of the Chamber of Commerce and a number of other profit and not for profit ventures including the bi-annual British Business Awards.

Jim returned with his young family to the UK in June 2019 to provide his daughters with a British education, and works with clients to ensure that they are able to get noticed for all that they do, and helps companies to enter the Asia market. He hosts “The UnNoticed Show,” a podcast for entrepreneurs with tools and tips for public relations.

Topics I can talk to.

I have range, and can talk about a number of topics with some degree of experience. Here are some of the main areas that I can cover.

Public relations

I founded, ran and eventually sold EASTWEST Public Relations in Singapore. Over nearly 30 years I served over 500 B2B clients in Asia.

I can share on:

- trends in media relations

- campaign strategy

- regional differences in communications.


I've built and run many companies, and run companies for other people, in different countries. 

Just some of the topics I can share:

- building teams

- intercultural communications

- legal battles when business goes wrong

Marketing technology

I am a big believer in the power of technology to enable entrepreneurs to compete. I've built tech companies and use tech to create leverage.

- Tools for marketing communications

- How I published books from my podcast

- Top AI tools for public relations

Expatriate life

I have lived on 4 continents, and built businesses on 3. Just some of the topics to share:

- Planning to get away to a new country

- Setting up a business in a new country

- Building an inter cultural family