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My knowledge in your time.

It's often easier to learn in your own time. I've created courses which will ensure that you start, build and exit a profitable business.

Podcast Guest BluePrint 

Find out how to turn guest appearances into sales leads.

Welcome to a program that will give you a system to generate sales leads from being guest on podcasts.

I've interviewed over 300 guests, and thought it was about time to save the pain and suffering of both guests and hosts alike.

What to expect when you take this program:

1. You will learn where to find the right shows for you, and if you should engage a booking agent to help you get onto them,

2. You will understand how to sort the technical bits out so that you can relax and focus on the conversation,

3. You will enjoy the experience of being a guest,

4. Learn how to create a unique offer to the audience of the show,

5. You will understand how to use AI to make podcasting a rich source of content for your social media channels.

Business Clarity Program

This offering is for an entrepreneur considering the feasibility of their business idea.

There are four modules:

Identify the Ideal Customer

Defining the offer

Pricing for profitability

Route to market

Each module has a workbook.

A 60 minute session is held to review the work done by the client, and prepare the client for the next module.

At the end of the program there will be a clearly defined ideal customer profile, a product/service proposition, business model, and marketing strategy.

The goal is to plan before spending any money on costs.

Business Accelerator Workshop

This offering is for a business owner who wants to make their existing business more profitable

The Business Accelerator Workshop (BAW) is a ten module  workshop with 10 sessions, covering each section of a business. Together we review what is being done and what can be improved quickly and at little to no cost. The emphasis is on finding quick wins, sharpening the business focus, and removing distractions.

1.Target Audience Definition:

2.Value Proposition and Brand Identity:

3.Competitive Landscape:

4.Channels and Touchpoints:

5.Content Strategy:

6.Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

7.Pricing and Packaging:

8.Referral and Loyalty Programs:

9.Budget and Resources:

10: The business plan

At the end of the workshop, you will have a comprehensive review and list of key actions to take to accelerate the growth of your business, and the basis of a business plan for investors and/management team. 

Transition Blueprint Program

This is for the entrepreneur who wants to start to plan the exit from their business.

The Transition Blueprint Program (TBP) is a three session coaching program designed to give a business owner clarity and guidance on separating profitably from their business over time.

With a focus on achieving a successful sale to a third party, this three-session program provides a framework for each these stages of the process:

  • Investigation - where you are now.
  • Diagnosis - what’s blocking your exit
  • Visioning - options for your path to transition out

90 minute sessions are held on zoom and recorded, with transcripts provided.

A workbook is provided before each session, with key prompts and suggestions. 

You take ownership of the writing process, using my documentation and guidance.

At the end of the TBP you will have a structured set of steps to move away from your business, whilst leaving the value in the business.