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Getting myself seen and heard.

When managing PR for clients, one is always behind the scenes, but occasionally that changes and below is a selection of some of the media coverage I have generated from being an entrepreneur. Here is a small selection of media coverage, as the topics are now all history. 

The point is that I 

a) know how to get an entrepreneur into all kinds of media 

b) how to help an entrepreneur to shape their message in front of the camera or microphone. 

These are some of the media which have included my news and my views on business.

The moment we share our story, there is an opportunity to engage the reporter with our vision. It's a big responsibility. 

The Business Exchange

Launching The UnNoticed Entrepreneur book with media relations in the south west of England. 

Bloomberg test drive in Beijing

What could be better PR than having Bloomberg, one of the pre eminent tv channels, drive around Beijing with me in my Morgan car? 

BBC Today Program

Recorded in 2017, I was interviewed at home in Beijing by the BBC. 

At 6:43 the interview starts.

Talking about importing Morgan cars to China, and the passion for British luxury brands in China.

  • Friday-s business with Rob Young


Sometimes getting noticed is about being personal. For EO in Beijing we promoted members and their families; in this case my newly born daughter, Halo.

FT Coverage

Launching the Morgan business in China, I leveraged media relations a great deal. In this article Tom Mitchell came to the showroom and he covered my exploits in China as an entrepreneur in building the first ever car import business owned by a foreign individual. 

CGTN - Dream of a classic car in China.

512 views Oct 20, 2015
Driving his first Morgan Roadster on the streets of Beijing four years ago, British expat Jim James recognized a new business opportunity in the classic car market in China. Since then, he has been a pioneer in the field, building on his 20-year's experience of living in China. Let's take a listen to what he says about this.

CGTN with Wang Rui 

Chinese TV stations needed expatriates to go on live shows to talk about various aspects of British society, economics and in this case the election. This was in English of course.

National TV in China

I organised the China Britain Motorsport Conference in Beijing 11.10.2017 featuring UK Department of International Trade, China Auto and motorcycle sport Federation (CAMF) , Silverstone, UniPart, Prodrive and South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership represented by Uni of Northampton. ACE Gear TV streamed the conference - over 1m viewers tuned in.