Volume 3 is coming in Q4 2024

Launching Feb 2023. The Capstone Publishers edition of the book.
Mock up & cover subject to final confirmation. Publish ETA October 2024.

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Vol 3

This volume is going to be really fascinating, because I'm using AI within the entire production process. It will be one of the first "podcast to publish" books in the market.

50 entrepreneurs from around the world sharing their insights on how to get noticed, with their interviews transcribed by AI tools and the writing augmented with AI LLM's (Large Language Models).

I'm also adding a new section: Actionable Insights. Each chapter will have specific instructions on actions which you can apply in your business, taken from the insights provided by the entrepreneur.

This will make the book even more of a practical guide, saving you time and money. 

This latest volume is published by Capstone, a Wiley (NYSE: WILY) imprint.