If you are an entrepreneur, and want to get noticed for what you do, 
you've come to the right place.

With over 30 years of business experience, I can help you.

Are you an entrepreneur running your own business and frustrated that you can't get to the next level without more brand awareness?

Perhaps you want to sell the company, but you can't until the brand has a life of its own.

But you don't have the self-confidence, budget or time to get the business noticed.

With over 30 years of international experience as a serial entrepreneur, I understand the issues you face, and having sold my PR agency, know how to solve the problems too.

I'm sharing those answers in the media and masterminds that you can find on this site.

Jim James
I've set up companies from suitcases on 3 continents. Building brands on low budgets using readily available tech. I've run an international PR agency too...

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