Jim A James has built businesses from a suitcase over the past 25 years using public relations. He started EastWest Public Relations in 1995 and has opened offices in Singapore, China, India, and the UK, serving over 500 clients. In China, Jim set up the business as the official importer of Morgan Motor Company sports cars, held the position of interim CEO of Lotus, was the founding president of the EO Network Beijing Chapter, established the British Business Awards, and was the vice chair of the Chamber of Commerce. He returned to the UK in 2019 and hosts The Unnoticed Entrepreneur podcast, is a published author under Wiley (NYSE:WLY), and is a coach to young, up and coming entrepreneurs.



Jim has built businesses from a suitcase on three continents over the past 25 years, all using public relations. His first brush with "getting noticed" was at age 18, when he jumped out of a plane in return for sponsorship and received expedition equipment in exchange for media publicity. He hasnt stopped this model of brand-business building since then.  Having grown up in Europe, Africa, and America,  Jim moved to Singapore at the age of 28 to start his first company, EASTWEST Public Relations. Since 1995, the B2B agency has opened offices in Singapore, China, India, and the UK, serving over 500 predominantly B2B tech clients. 

In China between 2006 and 2019, Jim built the business importing and distributing Morgan Motor Company cars, was interim CEO of Lotus, vice chair of the British Chamber of Commerce in China, founding president of the EO Network Beijing Chapter, and a number of other profit and not for profit ventures, including the biannual British Business Awards. He was awarded the “Top International Innovator” award by Top Touch media in China in 2017.  

Jim returned with his young family to the UK in June 2019. He hosts "The UnNoticed Show" podcast and radio show and is a published author author under Wiley (NYSE:WLY) and coach.  He enjoys spending his time listening to podcasts while waiting for his daughters and walking his Beagle in the Wiltshire countryside. 

Expatriate entrepreneur, podcast and radio show host, author, business coach, Jim James

Jim James 

Audiences will find a conversation with Jim A James engaging and entertaining. He has lived an unconventional life, and has the ability to tell stories and impart knowledge with ease on the microphone and in front of the camera. 

As a show host himself with over 400 interviews conducted, Jim understands the dynamics of keeping the conversation flowing, and with a professional background in public relations and media training he is well practiced in delivering quality soundbites. 

With a sizeable following of his own on social media, having Jim as a guest on a show will help to build the audience for the podcast and the host.

Jim manages to bring together experience as an international entrepreneur, the role of a family man, and the curiosity of a life long learner. He speaks a limited amount of French, Spanish and Mandarin, and has lived in Africa, America, China, Singapore and the UK (not in that order), which means that he can associate with audiences both local and around the world.

Expatriate Entrepreneurship

What does it to survive as an expatriate entrepreneur? 

Talking points: What I've learnt from 25 years starting businesses in Asia.

  • Before you leave: key conversations to have to ensure success.
  • Setting up in a foreign land: who to talk with first.
  • Growing a business: opportunities and dangers of being an expatriate entrepreneur. 
Key take away: "We only accomplish in proportion to what we attempt."

 Marketing for Entrepreneurs 

How can founders can get noticed on a shoestring budget?

Talking points: What I've learnt from interviewing over 400 entrepreneurs and writing 2 volumes of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur.

  • Why to start with "who" not "why"...
  • Free and powerful techniques to initiate customer conversations.
  • AI tools for founders to create and amplify their brand.
Key take away: "Creativity, technology and passion are 3 super powers which every entrepreneur can use to build their brand."

Podcast Guest Strategy

How can a guest convert listeners into leads?

Talking points: What I've learnt from hosting successful guests on my show.

  • How to avoid the 5 minute audience drop off.
  • What to offer listeners to ensure they connect.
  • Which AI tools will help repurpose the episode.

Key take away: "Every performance will have an infinite longtail; when people find you make sure that you are proud of what they will find."

Podcast to Published

How can a podcaster publish a book from their show?

Talking points: What I've learnt from securing a multi book deal with one of the worlds largest publishers, NYSE listed Wiley.

  • The importance of structure in the podcast interview.
  • Best practice for transposing spoken to written word.
  • How to position yourself for publishers to find you.

Key take away: "Podcasting creates staggering opportunities for the host, as long as they approach the process with the end in mind."

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