Morgan Cars (HK) moves into Nexus SOHO in Beijing

05.02.12 02:36 PM By Jim James

The Year of the Dragon started with a roar for Morgan Cars in China. On the 1st Feb we moved into our new offices here in Beijing, and on the 6th Feb we submitted our our battery of documents for the 3 ministries for submission for the WOFE application. Once the WOFE, Malvern Morgan Cars Beijing Limited, is approved, then we shall be able to apply for the import license. This whole process will take some 4-6 months with good grace and well organized documentation. Our new office is in the Nexus SOHO on the east 3rd Ring Road of Beijing. We have taken a 12m2 unit which is neatly configured as part of a large serviced office.  The funds from HSBC left HK on the 18th Dec but weren't cleared by ICBC until the 3rd Feb due to the national holidays. In the meantime the Servoffice staff have been accommodating and let us move in before the funds were cleared. On the 3rd, within hours of moving in, we were up and running with entrance cards, wireless, phones, and access to limitless coffee and comfortable seating areas. The team at Lee & Lee have been superb at helping us to get all the documentation together. We had to collate documents from Morgan Motors Company in Malvern, HSBC in Hong Kong, a company secretarial firm in HK, and our own documentation from Beijing. HSBC in HK were very helpful and responsive to our needs for letter of good standing required by the Chinese authorities; helped by their long standing relationship with Morgan Motors. I thought it worthwhile for the sake of record to list the number of papers required. This is such a lengthy process in China  but one which appears to be all above board, transparent, and structured. For name pre-approval of Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) 1. Authorization Letter (signature) For Commerce Bureau ( MOFCOM): 1.     Namelist of Board Member (signature) 2.     Authorization Letter of Service of Legal Files (signature) 3.     Authorization Letter for Administrative Licensing Item (signature) 4.     Application Letter for Administrative Licensing Item (signature) 5.     Appointment Letter (signature) 6.     Feasibility study report (signature) 7.     Articles of Association  (signature) For Administration of Industry and Commerce: 1.     Certification of Incumbency for Board Member, General Manager or Supervisor (signature) 2.     Authorization Letter of Service of Legal Files (signature) 3.     Articles of Association (signature) 4.     BAIC Application Form (signature) For Public Security Bureau: 1.     Application for Chop-making (signature) For Code Bureau: 1.     Advice of Codes Pre-assigned (seal) 2.     Application Form (seal) For Tax Bureau: 1. Business License (seal) 2. Organization Code Certificate (seal) 3. Approval Certificate (seal) 4. Address Proof (seal) 5. Articles of Association (seal) 6. Passport copy of Legal Representative (seal) 7. Registration Form (seal) For Foreign Exchange Bureau: 1.     Foreign exchange registration application form (signature and seal) 2.     Business License (seal) 3.     Approval Certificate (seal) 4.     Articles of Association (seal) 5.     Organization Code Certificate (seal) 6.     Passport copy of Legal Representative (seal) 7.     Passport copy of finally holding person (seal) For Finance Bureau: 1.     Financial registration form (seal) 2.     Approval of Commerce Bureau (seal) 3.     Approval Certificate (seal) 4.     Approval Certificate (seal) 5.     Organization Code Certificate (seal) 6.     Tax Registration Certificate (seal) 7.     Bank Account Opening Certificate (seal) 8.     SAFE card copy (seal) 9.     Business License (seal) For Statistics Bureau: 1. Application Form (seal) 2. Organization Code Certificate (seal) 3. Approval Certificate (seal) 4. Business License (seal) The new address: Morgan Cars Limited (HK) B-16. 10th Floor SOHO Nexus Centre 19 East Third Ring Road Beijing 100022 Office: +8610 5735 1173 Email: Web:    

Jim James

Founder UnNoticed Ventures Ltd