The Mastermind Alliance

“The mastermind principle” consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others.
​Napoleon Hill.

In my experience the best people to learn from are others who have experienced the same problem and have found solutions, or are working through to find their way to the other side of those problems.

I learnt from setting up the Entrepreneurs Organization in Beijing, that the best peer learning is done in a safe, supportive and structured session which is held at regular times. 

The masterminds which I run now are run on the same gestalt protocol as the enduring EO forums. We don't give advice, we share experiences. This is of fundamental importance. The mastermind is not a session to be told what to do, but rather to share issues that are being faced and hearing from others how they have solved similar situations in their own business.

This means we don't have "I told you so" moments, and also no one is positioned as the authority; it's an equitable exchange of respected thoughts.

The group size is limited to a maximum of eight, and importantly everyone is at a similar stage with their business. We meet monthly for 60 minutes; which means everyone is prepared and I am grateful of the new zoom timer app. 

I am here to prepare and facilitate each session.

Presentations are prepared by having a coaching session with me in advance, and often this is where some great work is done with feeds back straight to the business. The improvements that I have seen over a short amount of time are incredible and a joy to see. 

Read below what other mastermind members have to say. If you like that, then use the link below to set up a time to talk with me about booking a slot in a mastermind. 

60 minutes of focus

The mastermind is comprised of upto eight entrepreneurs who are in the same stage of business as one another.

The sessions are 60 minutes on the same day of every recurring day for 12 months.

Whilst it seems a bit rigid, by keeping the same agenda everyone gets used to the format and we get a lot covered.

Each person takes turns to present on their issue, and that presentation is coached in advance and the presentation shared in advance with the other members of the group.


We adhere to the Gestalt method; everyone listens and shares their relevant experiences but no one gives advice. This is because each problem is context specific. 

If you read below you'll see the power of this kind of format - it's used by the Entrepreneurs Organization, which is where I learnt the format when I set up the EO in China. 

So I know this works. If you'd like to find out more then just click on the form below.


Confidentiality reminder

All - highlights

Coach - Introduction to the speaker.

10 mins Presenter - shares.

10 mins Presenter - shares.

2 mins silent reflection

3 mins each All - my experience to share...

2 mins Key takeaways.

All - learning from the session.

All - One sentence close