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Join a peer group to fast track your success.

The entrepreneur peer group.

Welcome to the mastermind.

Take your business to the next level with exclusive access to select peer group mastermind sessions. Structured, consistent and confidential meetings of peers to work on the problems being faced by each member of the group. As each member is in a similar stage of their business, there is a multiplier effect on the learnings which can be applied by many in the group.

If you are interested to learn more, book a call with me now, or click 'apply now' to receive more details.

Discuss your problems.

We hold confidential conversations and open dialogue in a supportive environment where you can freely discuss your business challenges. Share your hurdles, brainstorm ideas, and gain valuable insights from a diverse group of peers who understand your journey.

Personalized solutions.

Unlike a course, a mastermind is a conversation based on real experiences of peers. Each member will get to share their own issues, and gain impartial experience sharing under the gestalt protocol; we share not tell.  You will also be sharing your wisdom with other entrepreneurs, and at the time gain confidence in your own abilities.

Experience peer support.

You don't have to navigate the entrepreneurial journey alone. Join our Mastermind Group and tap into the collective wisdom and support of like-minded professionals. Gain inspiration, share successes, and find encouragement from a tight-knit community that is invested in your growth. 

What clients say about working with me.

What is the format?

One hour per month.

Same Time, Same Place, Same People.

Sessions take place on Zoom.

Recordings and transcripts are made available for review.

What results will you get?

Over 12 months, as part of this group you will build a marketing system for your company so that you can attract more customers, partners, and potential investors.
​​I introduce systems and tools that even many big companies don't know about, which you can put in place in your company. 
We work as a group to get these implemented, learning from one another from shared experiences.


I work with the group member who has elected to present their progress at the meeting. Yes - that's right - we take it in turns to present progress to aid the group learning.

The support community.

We have a private group on Facebook in which we share more ideas, support one another, and ensure that everyone is making the most out of the mastermind sessions.

How we ensure that you are in the right mastermind?

Size of company

We'll ensure that you are in a group with business owners who are running a company of a similar revenue to yours.  The size isn't the issue, it's the common set of challenges that is important.

Stage of growth

The other business owners will be at a similar stage of their growth - start-up, mature, or pre-acquisition. 

Ambition for company

Having common ambitions for the business makes a big difference to the conversations being had, so we allocate entrepreneurs who all have the same 3-5 year goals.

The UnNoticed Guarantee

I am so confident that you'll get tremendous value and see the results from being part of this mastermind, that I will provide a risk-free guarantee. 

Attend the first session, and if you don't find it of value, you can leave and we'll refund you fees with no questions asked, with in 7 days.