Morgan Pedal Cars - wheels for wings?

27.12.12 01:53 PM By Jim James

I have to confess that it was me who didn't sleep on Xmas eve. The truck arriving with the Morgan Pedal cars was late due to traffic restrictions. By midnight we were uncrating these pedal cars long after Amity and Halo had been overcome by sleep. Next year I hope that we can make even more children excited. The wait was worth it. All the way from Malvern these pedal cars had flown and cleared in 10 days.  The delight on the girls faces was the best Xmas present I could imagine. On a cold (-15 C) day, Erika and I pushed the girls to the cafe for hot chocolate and cakes. Life in Beijing really is special.    
I have an idea which I hope to put into play in 2013. To provide a wheel chair to a child in China for every pedal car we can sell. An old friend called Stuart James runs  Wheels Plus Wings, a non- profit foundation in Beijing. They are dedicated to providing mobility to disabled children in China. My girls are so privileged and I have a unique access to these pedal cars. Morgan will only make more if I buy 250 of them all.
As I saw the look on the faces of Amity and Halo, I decided that I am going to see if we can make these pedal cars fly in early 2013, selling 250 and buying the same number of wheel chairs for James and his Foundation to distribute. I am sure that we can bring that look of joy to more little faces for next Xmas.

Jim James

Founder UnNoticed Ventures Ltd