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The customs officers in Tianjin Economic Development Area, TEDA,  accepted our documents today: - amounting to some 100 pages of documentations. Valiantly all copied and chopped by Erika.
  • 5 photos per car
  • Specifications in Chinese (each CofC translated)
  • Owner identity – each low vol car import...
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As we near the arrival of the 6 cars in China, the necessary legal and financial pieces of the puzzle are coming together to make a picture of Morgan car business in China as a fully legal and commercial enterprise. Little did I know that we had been shadowing the cars while on vacation in Singapore...
21.02.13 11:35 AM - Comment(s)
The process of setting up Morgan Cars Limited for the sale of the fabulous British motor cars has taken its toll in terms of time, money and stress; today we received notification in writing that our application has been approved. We submitted the documents on the 1st February of 2012 and the proces...
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