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It has been an eventful month for Morgan cars.
Our showroom is coming along nicely, with qudos to anySCALE the wonderful architects. I intend to host a birthday party in the space on the 25th January.
Our first tranche of 6 cars will be on sailing from Southampton on Jan 21st to arrive 26th Feb...
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The Luxury China event was a success for Morgan Cars, and for our new venture. It was a rather nervous time as we had so many moving parts, if you pardon the pun. Two brand new cars on loan from Morgan, a show which had not been held before, a new team, and a new company with a group of part time ma...
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Autocar China kindly decided to feature the Morgan Roadster in their leading magazine. With circulation of 180,000 across China , the magazine is licensed from Autocar UK.

A journalist had seen the Roadster on a quick visit to the local shops! The best kind of PR. Chen Xin, journalist, and Liu Yu, Ex...

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