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#GetNoticed: 13 Press Release Services to Check Out


Do you have a new business, product, or service to promote? If so, it's time to #getnoticed and what better way to do that than with a press release? But where do you start? You've got a couple of choices:

  1. Send it yourself using a platform like Prowly. [more of that later.]

  2. Post it to one of the...

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Over a period of 12 years in China I dedicated myself to the promotion of British business and the wellbeing of the British community in China. I did this by a combination of events which he created for the community, his own businesses, and his involvement in UK Government to China dialogue particu...

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From 2006 - 2019 I lived and worked in Beijing, starting many enterprises, a family, and experiencing the astounding changes which took place in the Middle Kingdom. These were many formative years. I wrote a blog when I first went, stalled when fatherhood shifted by focus from sharing to caring, bu...

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