How to enter the China market
How to enter the China market. A webinar with Jim A James.
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How does your customer get to you?
If you already have an established business but haven't mapped out your customer's journey, you may be missing opportunities to improve their experience and increase sales.
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How did a post about home delivery of vegetables go viral?
Why did this post about home vegetable deliveries go viral?
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Radio Bath Live 

Inspirational entrepreneur Jayla Wilcox came into the studio this week to be my guest on The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Live.

Different to my podcast, this is a live one hour show with a "Talk & Tunes" format that I devised specifically for radio.

Jayla has worked in the recruitment industry...

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Talking to the Collaborative Dragons on the power of AI

I was delighted to be invited to speak to the Collaborative Dragons in Cardiff.

14th September 2023

I shared about the power of AI for business owners. We had a turnout of about 50 property developers and asset builders. 

This is the presentation I shared...

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